About Us

KD Institute of Digital Marketing (KDAIDM) is India’s first comprehensive institute that offers a slew of courses on digital marketing and computer. We cater to all age groups, starting from young students to corporate professionals. We offer a variety of specialized courses along with blended programs under one roof which includes basic computer course, digital marketing course, ethical hacking course and many more.

kd Institute of Technology is one of the top technology institute in abohar punjab 152116. KD Institute is well equipped with the latest and advanced technology. The vision of the institute is to provide excellent education to students, staff and community by providing quality education, excellence in research and training for developing knowledge base.

KD Institute is the best and first basic computer, digital marketing, ethical hacking institute. KD Institute was founded by Mr. Kamal deep in 2022, who is a young and dynamic entrepreneur. All students are provided with their own computers and high quality internet connection to do all homework easily at their own pace and time.

technology is one of the best institutions in the world. We are committed to providing top quality education to students who wish to learn ethical hacking, basic computer technology and digital marketing course. Students get all facilities such as fully equipped classrooms and laboratories, Wi-Fi campus etc.