FEES: 20000/-INR
offline Classroom Course (Location Delhi)
Fees: 25000/- INR
Information Security Course

Make Your Career in Information Security and Become CEH  Certified 

6 Months Advance Program in Information security

Topic 1-
Intro to Hacking

Topic 2-Networking Concepts


Topic 3-Virtualization (Lab Setup)

 Topic 4-
Kali Linux

Topic 5-Reconnaissance

Topic 6-Scanning Networks

 Topic 7-Enumeration

Topic 8-Anonymity and Deep Web

Topic 9-System Hacking

Topic 10- Stegnography

Topic 11-Virus and Worms

Topic 12-Trojans & Payloads

Topic 13-Mobile Hacking

Topic 14-Sniffing Spoofing

Topic 15-Social Engineering

Topic 16-Denial of Service

Topic 17-
Session Hijacking

Topic 21-
IOT Hacking

Topic 18-
SQL Injection

Topic 22-
Cloud Computing

Topic 19-
WIFI Hacking

Topic 23-
Evading Firewalls

Topic 20-
Bug Bounty

Topic 24-
Cyber Challenge Range

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